Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was blogsurfing and came across a fabulous blogger How Sweet The Sound. Her post was about board games. I love triva and for those of you who enjoy it too, I wanted to pass on the 411 about a TV trivia game show I have been hooked on.

It's called Cash Cab, on the Discovery Channel. If you don't know about it read on, if you do, visit her post; but do come back and visit me again soon ;-)

Disclaimer first: I am in no way affiliated with the show or the sponsors! Just a gal that loves trivia!

Cash Cab is a trivia game show that takes place in a taxi. Unsuspecting people hail a cab and before they know what's what, they are in a game show cab ride. It's hosted by Ben Bailey, who's a darling, and as he drives them to their destination, he asked them trivia questions.

They get 1 street and 1 mobile shout out (for help on question), if they answer corretly they win money, if incorret, they get a strike. If they get 3 strikes they are outta the cab and walkin! It's a riot. If you haven't seen it and enjoy trivia (and yell answers at the TV...who does that besides me?) this is worth checking out!

Here's the link to the Cash Cab's home page, there are some previews and bloopers on there as well.

Enjoy! Ciao,

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Carrie said...

I try to watch Cash Cab every chance I is so much fun, and Ben Bailey is such a great host!

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