Sunday, April 1, 2012

Pink Saturday Pinterest and Me

Greetings Pinkettes! Lovely to see you! How are you? Me? Well, I'm late for my post again *sigh*. Hope you don't mind.

A huge thanks to Beverly How Sweet the Sound, our fabulous host, who keeps this pinkalicious party going for us! If you haven't already, do stop by Beverly's blog and say hello.

Today I'm taking down two (pink) birds with one stone....Pink Saturday and Pinterest. I know many of you use Pinterest. There was much concern about Pinterest's policies and several have either deleted their accounts or many of their pins. I'm thrilled to say that Pinterest has seen the error of it's ways and has changed their policy. What a relief! I was on the verge of closing my account. It's still a good idea to watermark your personal photos.

One of the many reasons why I am addicted enjoy Pinterest is to be able to create my boards and fill them with such goodies as...
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