Thursday, June 25, 2009


It's party time again! Woohoo! Don't you just love these wonderful parties! This is my first Thrifty Thursday!

I want to thank both Leigh at Tales From Bloggeritaville and Holly at Homebody for being such a lovely host! Make sure you pop on over to her blog and say hello.

Before I show my finds, just a little explanation. I only started blogging mid-May. I was so green, I didn't know anyone or anything! I had no idea there were such things as these fabulous blog parties! Long story short, I posted my finds and no one found me lol!

So I gonna show a few of those items again only because I have nooooo time this weeks and the photos are already uploaded! I promise fresh finds next week...(got some really fabulous finds to share then! ;-)

Ok, well lets get this virtual party started!

I love white soup tureens; but I am picky, I won't just buy any...I want the matching lid and ladle. I've passed up many a pretty one because no ladle. I found one at a nearby thrift store for $8.99! No hallmark, but it's very heavy and thick! No chip, cracks, crazing or hallmark. That makes this one a keeper!

Picked up this darling white duckie casserole for $6.99, no hallmark, very thick and heavy, it's little and so adorable!

and I found this darling pretty in aqua and pink figuriene, she was the same price as the first soup tureen at $8.99

Photobucket Photobucket


She has a mark on the bottom, but I don't recognize it, it looks like two sabers crossed. If anyone out there knows the mark, I'd be grateful to know who made this.

I almost forgot, one more soup tureen! This one is whimsical. I came across in either TJ Maxx or Marshalls a while back and I could not resist it.

Photobucket Photobucket

Paid 9.99 for it. I love it's quirkiness and the detail. Underneath it is hallmarked handmade in Portugal. The best part of it was the fish ladle.


I thought it would great at my beach house (just dreaming now). Hey, if you dream it, it will come...yes? lol

Now, if anyone out there recognizes the mark on the bottom of that figuriene, please do let me know!

Don't forget to check out my How To blog (topic list are at the top of the left margin)!

Oh, and don't forget to pop back over the Leigh's Thrifty Thrusday #23 and to Holly's Thrift Store Thursday to see all the other fabulous finds!

Happy hunting!


Tracy said...

Wow! I love all your finds...especially that first soup's just beautiful! I have to agree the one from a fish would be absolutely perfect in a beach house. I don't yet have a tureen, but I've been watching for one for some time. Thanks for sharing yours with us! = )

Linda said...

Your soup tureens are fabulous! It's a fun item to collect. I confess I don't mind if there's not a ladle. The fish tureen is so cute and unexpected! Linda

Traci said...

Ok, I almost didn't see your finds because I was so fixated on the Yes!! I love your tablecloths...oh, and the other finds are great too...don't want to leave them, not never!! Great blog!!

Leigh of Bloggeritaville said...

HI Tina!
I love, love, love those soup tureen's. Especially the fish one. So cute! I hope someone can offer some info on the pretty lady. Thanks for linking up!

Dawn said...

Beautiful blog! The fish tureen and ladel are too funny! Love the figurine, she was obviously waiting just for you, she goes so perfectly with your other things!

Holly said...

That first tureen is gorgeous! And the fish one...obviously you'll have to make some chowder!
I'm so glad you joined TST :)

grannyann said...

I love your tureens. I have yet to find one at a garage sale with the ladle. When I do I am going to grab it.

Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Tina...I just ♥ that fish tureen girl you did great on that...I just had a give away last week and had a Beautiful white Ironstone soup turren with the ladle I gave away..You my friend would have loved was just so you...Now I am loving that table cloth..I know not what you were showing but I do love the colors of pretty girl..Thanks for coming by and seeeing me and becausing a follower I'll do the same...May you have a great day my new found friend...hugs and smiles Gl♥ria

Lisa Shatzer said...

What lovely white dishes!

Joan@anythinggoeshere said...

Very cool soup tureens. I especially like the fish one and lucky you to get the ladle too.

Kristine said...

Love that little ladel.

Thank you for the idea about the glass insulators and buffet lamps...that sounds really neat...I would probably have to use tea lights...I am not good at wiring things, but it is a great idea! Thank you.


NicNacManiac said...

Love the pretty figurine and the soup tureens are adorable...great finds!!
Hugs, Nerina :)

Gwen said...

That fish ladle takes the cake!

Sue said...

Hi and a big welcome to blogging even though you have been doing it a few months....I went 8 months before I realized how to get people to read my blog so don't feel bad! I love the first white tureen you looks like old milk glass...which I love and collect...that is one thing I haven't mastered yet...finding good stuff at thrift stores...I have to work at that...Nice to meet you...Sue in Atlanta

Chandy said...

What great finds and so inexpensive! I gotta hit one of the thrift stores soon so I can start finding me some goodies like I've been seeing in most of Blogland!

Kathleen said...

I love those soup tureens! The precious!
Thanks for your visit!

Martha said...

Some great finds -- I'm jealous!

Shelia said...

Hi Tina! It's so nice to meet you and I'm thrilled you decided to be a follower of my blog! Oh, how I love tureens too! You're so right, I've found a many without the ladles - so sad. I did go ahead and buy a large one even without its ladle! You have some nice tureens and some cute ones!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Michelle said...

I love white china anything. When I used to live in Florida, I would hit all of the junk stores...most of my milk glass comes from there.

I especially like the little fish! so cute. Does glycerine help with floating the flowers? I heard it somewhere.


Liz said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for stopping by and your kind comments on my Tablescape Post! Love your bargains. I am not positive about the marking on your little lady.... I have a VERY old plate that has that same marking printed (not embossed) on the back.
It is from Germany and at least 70 years old.... But I don't know anymore than that. Sorry.
It is a sweet piece and I think it is from the early 40's...Not sure though.

Keetha Broyles said...

Great finds all. I believe my favorite is the first white soup tureen. But that fish tureen is soooooo unique with it's little fishy ladle!!!!!

Vicki ~ FL said...

I'm really not a collector of anything being from a military family all my life you don't tend to do that sort of thing. I do like your finds and especially the fish tureen with the great ladle. I've been out of town and wanted to thank you for visiting my blog on Pink Saturday. The color changing infinity pool was actually very easy because I took several photos and I got all the colors. They coloring changed every 10 seconds or so.

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

Gorgeous finds & terrific prices! I sooo love that first soup tureen!!

Angelic Accents

Wanda said...

Just returning your visit. Very lovely blog. TTFN

debbie said...

oooooooooooh Tina,
I love white soup tureens....I love the first one you bought but the fish one is the most adorable, whimiscal tureen and the figurine is so very pretty....I would love to know where you shop but it wouldn't matter since I live in Oklahoma.
hugs to my new friend

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