Tuesday, June 2, 2009


In addition to collecting white teapots (particularly with little birdies on the lids), I love white soup tureens. But I'm picky, I want the matching lid and ladle and all at a bargain price! Well I found one over the weekend in a thrift store for....I still can't believe this...$8.99. It no hallmark, very thick and sturdy, came with lid and ladle! This one is a keeper!

I also came across a few other things.

Picked up this darling white duck medium size casserole for $6.99, no hallmark, very thick and heavy!

and I found this darling pretty in aqua and pink figuriene, she was the same price as the first soup tureen at $8.99

Photobucket Photobucket


She has a mark on the bottom, but I don't recognize it, it looks like two sabers crossed. If anyone out there knows the mark, I'd be grateful to know who made this.

Last friday I found a beverage jar at Costco, it cost $25.99. I know, seem like a bit much, but I broke mine long time ago I've been looking for a replacement for ages, and I really liked the shape of this one.


It holds 3 gallons (half gal more than my old one), has a gasket ring/seal under the lid, it said on the box it has a brass spigot, but it's coated in that cheesy silver. Another thing about it I like is the box indicated that it's made out of recycled glass! Of course I love the shape, so it's a keeper despite the flaws.

Now this next soup toureen I came across in either TJ Maxx or Marshalls a while back, and I could not resist it.

Photobucket Photobucket

I paid only 9.99 for it. I love it's quirkiness and the detail. Underneath it is hallmarked handmade in Portugal. The best part of it was the fish ladle


I thought it would great at my beach house (just dreaming now). Hey, if you build it, it will come...yes? lol

Now, if anyone out there recognizes the mark on the bottom of that figuriene, please let me know!

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Happy hunting everyone!


Anonymous said...

Living here in the southwest you'll see many large jars with numerous teabags sitting out in the hot sun....Sun tea jars are sold just about everywhere and every year I manage to break mine so when I find them at thrift stores they can be had for under a buck...beats 5-10$ for new ones. I was at Macy's the other day and she's got one similar to yours for a staunch $100 as well as Pottery Barn..ain't barn prices neither. So your find for $25 was a steal honey. This year I have gone to large plastic pickle jars and I make a handle for them for easy transport...albeit they don't have a spiggot but when slaving in the garden for hours a trickly stream of tea out of a spiggot don't cut it with me... I need tea and lots of it pouring fast into a frosty glass.

Anonymous said...

Oh hello again...I forgot to throw in Martha Stewart at Macy's...brain fart?

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

I am geen with envy! When I lived in Maryland I loved how plentiful vintage items were. Yes, here in California it's really difficult to find lovely vintage items (at reasonable prices). The really great finds are far and few in between. But I keep-a-huntin! lol


Bobbi Jo said...

What beautiful finds. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

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