Friday, June 5, 2009


I received an email the other day that said, “as a new blogger you should post a list 100 things about yourself....” She went on to let me know that if I don’t it will bring me bad luck. What!? Is this some kind of blogger chain letter…or chain email??

Since I am a wee bit superstitious (does that count as 1?), and it is Friday and most people are busy on weekends, and I’m a new blogger...low traffic to my blog, so….here goes:

1. I hate chain letters/emails
2. I am very loyal (almost to a fault)
3. I love dancing in the rain (but I seldom do it – California weather)
4. I was born in the city of San Francisco
5. I am the 3rd of 4 children, I was told I have middle child syndrome as I try to please everyone all the time…I like to think that isn’t entirely true, makes me sound like a doormat lol!
6. I have 2 brothers 1 sister, we are the first in both my parent’s families to be born in America
7. I am full blooded Russian but speak very little of the language (“we are in American now”, my Father would say)
8. I love traditions
9. Gardening is my one of my passions, roses and hydrangeas are my favorite flowers (equally)
10. I love to sing
11. I can’t carry a tune to save my life
12. When I was 12, I played the guitar in my brother’s band. Our biggest gig was a birthday party in our basement
13. I have always had deep voice (Lauren Bacall deep) and it annoys me when a phone solicitors or customer service rep addresses me as “Mr….” I didn’t think it was that deep.
14. I love playing tennis
15. I am very competitive and a good sport
16. I dislike poor sports, especially people who have tantrums on the tennis court
17. I enjoy reading, but watch more TV than I probably should (can’t help it, there are lots of interesting programs airing all the time)
18. I often use my laptop and watch TV simultaneously
19. During stormy weather, I enjoy spending the afternoon with a big pile of magazines
20. My list of favorite movies most likely exceeds 100
21. My favorite TV series of all time was Sex and the City
22. I didn’t like SATC the movie, but I still own the DVD
23. I have always wanted to open a home decor boutique, I could fill it with pretty things that make people feel happy as soon as they walk in (and hopefully walk out with some lol )
24. I have been told I have a good eye
25. I wanted to be an architect
26. My math skills are…non-existent (we’re at 100..yes?)
27. I’m a water baby, as is everyone else in my family
28. In my youth we spent most our summers in Sonoma and Russian River
29. and winters skiing at Tahoe
30. I am the only one in my family that has not traveled abroad; I’ve never left the North American continent. Each time I made plans to go, something always came up.
31. I yearn to travel through Europe and parts of Russia
32. I love being independent
33. I always think the best of people, until they prove me wrong
34. I have a dislike for sentences that begin with “I”.(my dislike is rapidly growing into loathing lol)
35. I am bored by people who put on airs
36. I admire Majorie Merriweather Post, Elizabeth I, and Catherine the Great
37. My favorite film line was delivered by Bette Davis in All About Eve…”Fasten your seat belts….”
38. In my view, there has yet to be anyone more debonair than Cary Grant
39. or more chic than Audrey Hepburn
40. or more glamorous than Grace Kelly
41. or more charming than Maurice Chevalier (David Niven is a close 2nd)
42. or funnier than Bette Midler, and I love her singing voice, especially acapella
43. My daughter and son are the loves of my life
44. My favorite sound is the sound of laughter (not the mean spirited kind)
45. I can be pedantic
46. I dislike the word anal
47. I have been married twice and am now happily single
48. I am some what shy
49. I hate that my shyness comes off as being aloof or pretentious
50. I believe that one should never stop learning
51. I need to lose some weight (more than I care to admit)
52. I would get liposuction if I had the money or the nerve
53. I loath needles
54. I was baptized Russian Orthodox and I believe in God
55. My favorite colors are pale pink, aqua, tiffany blue and soft sage
56. I love white, but I’m not sure if the powers that be have decided it to be a real color
57. I prefer white sheets and white down comforters
58. I love pastel floral printed pillowcases and quilts
59. I adore room service!
60. I doubt I’d ever get a facelift; I’d rather look like a wrinkled prune than look as though I’m continually facing hurricane strength winds
61. People always think I’m younger than I am.
62. I prefer not to contradict other people’s opinion
63. I am forever young at heart and spirit
64. I use to drive too fast, I’ve slowed down a bit
65. I loath slow drivers who drive in the fast lane
66. I love cars, all kinds
67. I learned to drive in San Francisco, in a manual shift car
68. I hate flying, but it’s the fastest mode of transportation; I look forward to the day Scotty can beam me about the globe
69. I love swimming pools, terraces, and verandas
70. I miss Herb Cane’s column, the Sunday papers has never been the same
71. I love cats and dogs equally
72. I can walk and chew gum at the same time (I'm getting desperate now!)
73. I am a sucker for foreign accents, I know I’m not alone in this…otherwise how could we explain the popularity of Gerard Depardieu?
74. Personal computers are one of the greatest inventions of all time, the internet 2nd
75. I hope Google never changes it’s home page, so clean, elegant and simple
76. As much as I love technology, it’s becoming a bit daunting, all those smart phones and gadgets, it’s getting as complicated as choosing a mobile phone service plan.
77. I want to get a GPS for my car, I hate being lost
78. I love homes with tall ceilings, loads of windows, and narrow 10 foot interior double doors with leaded glass transoms above
79. I love a fireplace in the bedroom
80. I enjoy trivia, cash cab is among my favorite TV programs
81. I collect white teapots, (especially ones with birds on the lid) and white soup tureens
82. Christmas is my favorite holiday
83. I love opening presents Christmas morning rather than Christmas Eve
84. I treasure home made gifts over store bought, except for Nordstrom or Tiffanys, of course!
85. I love walking around San Francisco
86. I enjoy an occasional foggy morning
87. I find I’ve become more frugal with age
88. I value quality over designer labels; I won’t buy something just because it’s the “hottest” thing.
89. I find designer paint idiotic…how can you tell? Do you leave the empty paint can lying about?
90. My style has always been more classic than trendy
91. I love Ralph Lauren’s designs, timeless
92. I find Isaacs Mizrahi completely adorable
93. In my late 20’s up to 30 something, I was a Donna Karen and Salvatore Ferragamo snob lol
94. I am forever a shoe junkie, yet I mostly wear only a couple of favorite pairs regularly. What is up with that?! ha!
95. My all time favorite pair of shoes was a gorgeous pair of Charles Jordan Black Patent Leather Pumps (4.5” heels!). They were so comfortable; I could wear them all day at work, then go dancing all night. I was in my early 20’s and Charles Jordan was the Manolo of the day…comfort and quality
96. I love having my queen size bed all to myself. I admired the Vanderbilt society… she in her boudoir and he in his chambers. (while watching “America’s Castles” a while back, the commentator said you could tell how long a couple had been married by how far apart their bedrooms were lol!)
97. I find it amusing and ironic that most marriage counselors are divorced or been married more than once. Just an observation. No hate mail please!
98. I have more projects pending than I have time
99. I have a passion for clocks, I have all sorts.
100. My favorite hottie is Daniel Craig...sookie sookie! ;-p

Enjoy your weekend!


Say It With Roses said...

I can't believe you really did it! It would take me 100 years to come with that many things about myself! You did an awesome job....and you have been one of my favorites on Etsy, so it is nice to see you here!

Bobbi Jo said...

That is an incredible list. Great learning so much about you. Hugs, Bobbi Jo

Susie Jefferson said...

Well, I never heard of that one before - but well done you to be able to THINK of a hundred things! Keep on moderating comments and remember that delete button is there for a purpose.

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