Saturday, July 31, 2010


Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed part 1 and you are ready for antique hunting at Candlestick Park of San Francisco, part deux!

Before we begin, grab a cuppa and put your feet up cuz we've got lots to look at!

let's focus on some fabulous furniture mixed in with a small dash of this and that...

love this little aqua chest, someone snatched this right up! ha!

and this little aqua end table for $65.00

charming child's wicker chair in aqua for $60.00

the mate to the little aqua table

great green table ($250.00), perfect for a small cottage kitchen..

another fabulous piece, $375.00

was so tempted to get these euro pillows (sorry no price)...

but found this fabulous (wood) mirror, talked her down from $35.00 to $20.00

she also had this charming yellow trash can for $40.00

I also loved these large finials in fabulous aqua, $80.00 each

and these smaller aqua fence post tops for $5.00 each

some great picnic baskets ranging from $20.00 up to $60.00

this piece got loads of attention, but at $795.00 no takers

me likey this mirror... there's me and my SF canvas bag i've had for ages! ha!

Love this stainless steel front on the chest of drawers, notice the casters!

he also made these, and there are heavy duty casters on the islands....

as well as these large mirrors....

and this fabulous vanity...

now, aside from the LeeJofa linen fabric and the aqua botanicals I showed you in part 1, my other huge regret was this....

a fabulous buy at $160 for an Ethan Allen corner cubboard. I'm still drooling! ha!

charming french inspired pieces; I think the dresser was $475.00...

love this hutch, sorry didn't get price...

this buffett/dresser was $285.00

this one was a better price @ $125 for both dresser & mirror!

how charming is this piece!? Never got a price on it, vendor was busy making a sale elsewhere ha!

great pillow, love the barrell chairs

some canvas pillows (this one was my favorite)

Great chairs, the seats could have used more padding ($60.00 each)...

love this antique cubboard door with cherub, the perfect french blue

great piece, love the mirror ($450.00)

aren't these chairs fabulous?! asking $65.00 each

fabulous rustic chest of drawers, in case you hadn't noticed, rustic is the big trend for the upcoming fall/winter...


love the robin's egg blue on this rustic piece, would look so charming filled with cottage blooms! Think it was around $300.00 +/-

love the bench ($250.00)

this will add such charm to any cottage garden! You can give the little kiddies a ride ha!

this was fashioned from old barn boards...

a coat of aqua paint would charm this right up!

I so heart this white bird sanctuary $150.00, (was about 50" high), big mason jar next to it as well for $75.00

Charming shabby chic birdcage with hp roses ($80.00)...

I didn't grab these because his price was a bit steep @ $15.00 for the little pint size jars...

one vendor had these large flower market vases for $45.00 each

another vendor had these large french flower market vases for $29.00 each..

this was a beautiful set...

$785 for just the chairs

dunno how much they wanted for the table

this set was $2700 (table with 1 leaf and 6 chairs)

the tapestry upholstery was crazy gorgeous

Great long bench! $300+

fabulous pillows, $65.00 each

Some of you may remember my lucky procelain elephant that I found 20 years ago. A great price then too, 75% off so I paid around $50.00.

Now I ask you, why in the world did they paint this black then expect someone to pay $300+ for this!?

Ok, moving on here lol!

Isn't this little white poodle so cute?!

And here is a charmer for the pinkettes!

kind wished I could have bought it, something so whimsical about that pink poodle! ha!

some french signs sorry no prices, but love the colors!

some lovely ladies (sorry, no prices)....

fabulous blue dish and this red pitcher!

forgot to check the prices but they were 50% off...

this came from a mora tall clock...


pretty in pink and cherubs mantel clock at $95.00 (fully functional)

how cute is this aqua baby scale!?

Interesting hutch, perfect for a tuscan kitchen ($1400)

Love this horsey! Out of my price range @ $400.00

No antique hunt would be complete without a pair of foo dogs; and you know how much I love me some foo doggies! These were the ONLY pair there, a good size...and still over my price range at $400.00.

These were very colorful, but I have my heart set on a pair of all white ones

Before I go, I have to share a bit of this vendor with you. If you are into vintage jewelry, this lady had such an amazing collection!

Her prices started at $5.00 for bangles on up to $500.00 for necklace/earring sets! Check this out!

just stacks upon stacks of boxes filled with vintage pretties!

she was definitely the queen of bling! ha!

Well, that's all folks! Thanks so much for coming along! I so love your visits and hope you had a fun time!

Have a safe and lovely weekend!



stefanie said...

oh, I want to go!!! so many great could decorate you whole home from your last post pictures also!

Linda @ A La Carte said...

So much beautiful stuff. Enjoyed your photos!!

nancy said...

WOW! DID you buy all that stuffs. LOL. Just kidding. I notice the vanity dresser, I think my niece got one for her daughter when they bought their house. She got most of the furnitures that was there, and She did't spent that kind of money on furnitures. Love the aqua chairs. Thank for showing such pretty things. Nancy

Susan said...

OMG Tina...You did a FABULOUS job taking all those photos. Oh, that place is awesome. I saw SO MANY things that just called out my name. Wowsers. Some of the prices were a little, ahhhhh, shall we say STEEP? I'm a thrify store shopper, you know? But wow, there were some gorgeous things there.

How very very sweet of you to take the time to take all those pictures and share them with us. You are TOO ADORABLE! Thanks so much for the great tour. Loved it. Susan

The Green Pea said...

Thanks for sharing all of the lovely treasures. Also I like to see the prices also. Have a nice weekend. sandi

Pieces of Dreams said...

Hi Tina! Looks like you had fun. I am so into the beachy cottage...Aqua is soooooooo big! Loved your pics and all the BLING!


Dawn said...

Aqua seems to be the in color now. So many lovely things I'd like to take home!

The Muse said...

Wow. These are great finds. They are super nice and their beauties never faded. They are really worthy to be labeled as antique. Will bet that some finds can be considered collector’s items!

May Your Day Be Lovely,
The Muse

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Again, I wish I lived closer to be able to go to this great place.We do not have places like this near to me!
I am so very jealous!!


grannyann said...

Oh my gosh!! what wonderful items you showed us. The prices were out of my range but I loved looking. I would love to have one of those hutch's you mentioned for a Tuscan kitchen. That sale had so many great items.....I need to say WOW again.

Elizabeth & Gary said...

Hi Tina,
What a great time you had! I love walking around and looking for that "Great Find of the Day". We use to live in Fremont and went to the City a lot. I miss not being so close to S.F. but I do love Modesto..
Have a sweet day, Hugs~Elizabeth

The Barnett Family said...

WOW...what a lot of great finds. Thanks for sharing! I love going to outdoor flea markets, but my pocketbook usually does not allow me to purchase very hoo!

Jonny said...

I have been to antique stores but never to a fair. I would probably faint from seeing so many things that I would want, That green farm table is absolutely gorgeous!Sincerely,Jonny

La Maison Reid said...

Thanks for the walk around the flea market! Some friends went there a few weeks ago (I think it was the first flea market at Candlestick) and they said there was too much to see in one day and there was lots of furniture. The prices seem a bit high to I saw a buffet very similar to the one you said got lots of attention for $300 on Craigslist not too long ago. Anyway....I would love to go there soon. Have also been trying to get to the Alameda monthly market for over a year and something ALWAYS comes up! Maybe next month.
Thanks again for the great photos!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this great post - just filled with inspiration. I have the drop leaf table you showed in my craft room (the light green one) and have been wondering if I should paint it. I need a very durable surface. It makes into a huge table. Thank you again - I know this took you some time to put together.

Hugs, Patti

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