Sunday, July 25, 2010


Greeting Bloggerettes! So happy to see you! Are you ready to go (antique) hunting with me?! Grab your cuppa, put your feet up and let's have some fun!

I did split this into two parts. There was so much to see. So let's begin part I.

Of course, what a better backdrop could there be than this for any fair...

such a sweet welcome...

There was definitely something for everyone at the antique fair today!

First up, remember the barnyard animal sculptures from the Alameda Fair? ha!

This time he had rams and sheep but hadn't gotten around to making more goats...ha!

This just made me LOL!

How about some chandys! This seashell chandy was very pretty and fairly pricey (about $1800)...

Here is another one, same price. Very pretty in real life, looks kinda funky just laying there like that...

This vendor had quite a few sparklers.

I fell in deep affection with this one ha!

$500.00 and worth every penny. She did a beautiful job restoring it and added some unique crystals.

This next one they wanted $375.00 I've got a thing for wrought iron or wood chandies lately....

This one was very pretty, around $400.00 I think

These lamps were fabulous!

I wish I would have at least picked up the cranberry one...things you regret ha!

Love these lantern! around $60.00 for each.

This ornate trio in blue and white was selling for about $2500 for the set of candleabras, not sure what they wanted for the clock.

The little dragon on the top of the fierce! ha!

This would be more in my budget ha!

Lots of brass and silver and china..oh my ;)

This one was stunning and so ornate! Around $600.00

a close up of the spout

Love this set, about $60-$65 each

These are very trendy right now, prices have shot up so fast! This one was for $125.00 It was about 12" high. Vendor said she brought it from France.

Then there was this one for $20.00...

These large bottles are also very trendy...

These are also from France

around $300 something each

as well as these watering cans...

charming wood decoy for $45.00

These were around $60.00

Something else I wish I would have bought, they were very charming $40 for the pair!

lots of wire baskets, cloches, and what nots...

killer wire basket with tin insert

the rolling pins were $12 each, love the green weathered basket they were in

and this aqua wooden bucket

love this tete-a-tete

Charming soda shop chairs

I was crazy for this wooden arched gate! $160.00

These bottle carriers/trays were very popular (and over priced). I've seen these recently for $5.00 each, now $65 & up. (promise I won't get on my soap box about "trendy" stuff) but serious!

Vendor said his wife brought this back from Germany...

he wanted $175 for it, despite the obvious needed repairs

Some fabulous fabrics and quilts....

this one would be adorable for a cowboy theme room

along with the great colors in this quilt

this one was very pretty, she wanted $80.00

I loved this blue and white quilt

but the repair work was beyond my skill level....(loved the aqua wicker chairs though ha!)

I'm so seriously kicking myself over not buying this one....

so stunning! was marked down 50% off from $38.00 per yard and all she had left was 5.5 yards

(kick kick kick!)

these were so cheery

loved these too

In a sea of brass and glass....

was this pair

the other thing I'm still bummed over was this pair of prints

the aqua background was so pretty! they were $22.00 each, when I went back why was I surprised they were gone gone gone! me stooooopid! ha!

this oil was beautiful, $500.00

I so wanted this one ($65.00), and once again, went back and gone in less than 20 minutes..crikey!

loved this water color, artist was from New England ($125.00) the water damage on the mat and frame gave me 2nd thoughts


gotta love the chicken n roosters! $200.00

Great rustic frame and colors in the painting $40.00 this was about 36 x 24

talked her down to $25.00 so I bought it ha!

this was too cute $50.00 (the one behind it was pink)

smaller oil for $35.00

larger oil for $90.00

this one was very romantic, $175.00

these were $65 each

colors were so rich in this large oil $350.00

$45.00, again, very beautiful blend of colors

these prints were fabulous ..."I am the very model of a modern major general" ... ha! $25 each.

this piece of printed burlap was $15.00

fabulous box; I think it was $50 something

When I asked the guy how much for this ornate brass frame he responded with "$1,000.00", so I replied with..."will you take $5.00?" ha! (he wanted $100.00) nuff said ;)

this handpainted toleware was gorgeous $165.00

love this toleware tray with stand $60.00

So well take a break right here and for my next post I'll have lots of furnishings and some serious bling collection to show you!

Thanks so much for joining me today for part I! I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! Don't forget to check back for part II!



Lisa said...

How wonderful! And that is only part one!!
Hugs, Lisa

Susan said...

Wowsers, Tina. You took some FABULOUS shots. What a place that is. Where, exactly, is the park located? The prices seems very very steep to me (I'm a thrift store shopper galore). I loved the swans and there was a little angel face on one of the tables that was sweet, too. So many lovely things but man oh man, HOW can people afford those prices? Yikes. I was born on the wrong side of the tracks. Great job, though, Tina. Will look forward to part 2. Susan

Enchanted Rose Studio said...

Hi Susan! It was held in the parking lot of San Francisco's Candlestick park. There were some good deals to be had. I bought some really pretty tins for $1.00 each (I'll show photos in my next post!) There was a girl parked next to me that found a fabulous large copper sink for $40.00. Plus my white mirror with the ornate wood frame was $20.00. But yes there were lots of things high prices. Sure wish I would have bought that beautiful linen fabric though ha!


Dawn said...

Wow! They had some pretty amazing stuff there. I'm glad you found some affordable things! Can't wait to see the next post!

We're having a northern CA gathering this fall, I posted about it today if you're interested. I think it will be a great time!

Annabelle said...

Hi Tina,

Just a note to say thank you.

I recently found a similar copper frame at our local fundraiser for .50 cents. It even has a patent (Apr 2 0857) on the back which I have no idea what it means but now you have me thinking it may just be worth in the same price range as the one for $1000-$100...hehehe! I'm not that lucky.
Anyway, all of the vintage items were beautiful but far from my pocket book. Even the teapot-coffee pot with the elaborate spout is a little something like the one I recently bought a couple of weeks before the frame and it too was a steal for only a few bucks along with other vintage treasures tossed in.
I think no matter were we hunt for our treasures we have to dig and scrutinize the value of the item; all part of the fun in the hunt.

Enjoyed the tour and much appreciated you taking the time to post the pics along with the prices. It is always nice to have an idea of the worth of an item and if it is truly vintage.

Hugs Annabelle

The Green Pea said...

Thank you for all the great photos. I think I could have a good time there. sandi

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble said...

Goodness!! What a feast for the eyes this was!!
So many great items to look at and wish for!!

Thanks so much for the tour!!


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