Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Greetings! So lovely of you to come by! I hope all is well in your world! I wanted to share some fabulous finds I was lucky enough to come across.

My sister loved this Ballard Designs Alexander Martinot 30" clock $(249.00).

It's currently on sale for $229.00 at Ballard Design here.

Guess what I found on craigslist for $20.00!!

Yeppers! The same 30" wall clock! *happy dance*!

My sister was doing the happy dance too, it was her B-day present!

She was selling it cheap because the motor burnt out. I took it to our local clock repair shop and they put a german made motore for $50.00, plus they guarantee it for one year! The original motor is from japan and can't really handle the large brass arms so it burns out.

My next great find was a lamp with a french script burlap lampshade....

for $29.99 at TJ Maxx! I didn't want to remove the cellophane because it was a birthday gift for my daughter.

I also found a little tea pot lamp for myself at TJ Maxx ($9.99!)

Will go great with all my blue and white porcelain.

In addition to other things going on, (voting, world series, birthdays, as so forth) I'm rushing to get a couple of orders on my glitter tip book wreaths finished.

She wants 2 of these with silver glitter tips

and 3 kissing balls in silver.

so I have been punching hundreds of pages and glittering the tips and these are where ever I can find a place for them to dry..

Plus I'm working on a non-punch out design. This one will be huge (about 21")...

so my patio looks like this...

and I have glitter EVERY WHERE!

and I still need to get these listed on etsy! I need more hours in the day! ha! I'll be around as soon as I get caught up!

Thanks so much for coming by! You're a darling!

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Designs on 47th Street said...

Hi Tina, I am doing the happy dance with you because you latched on to some amazing finds! That clock is quite a deal. I am loving your French inspired lamp...very fun for sure. Your projects are so interesting. I will have to scroll down and read about more of your projects.

I am actually "sporting" glitter on my face tonight as I have been glittering pumpkins for my daughter's wedding reception this Fri. night. It's everywhere, isn't it? :)


NanaDiana said...

Oh Tina- I love tha clock. I have a big one too and love it. I have had it for about 10 years and love it as much as the day I got it. What a bargain for you! Also...loving those lamps. You were just kidding, weren't you? You are one of those people that leaves the plastic wrap on your lampshade from the day you get it til you get tired of it, aren't you? okay...just teasing!

Loving all your glittery stuff! Hugs- Diana

Dining Delight said...

What great finds and for great prices! I love the big clock! I just got one hung in our kitchen and I'm loving it - no excuse for being late now!


Paula said...

What a deal on the clock! I might've been happy even if it didn't tick tock:)

Happy glittering Tina!!

Marilyn said...

Very, very cute teapot lamp! Also, the paper wreaths, etc. are sweet. You should have a classroom of kids that could help with glitter--you just think YOU have glitter all over. Kids are even better at it!! ;D Thanks for sharing. ♥♫

Sue@Uniquely Chic said...

I love the glitter kissing ball and I can't believe you found that clock, love it! I also love TJ Max and always spend more $ than I should have because there is always something you just have to have! I know I have told you this before but you were the one who inspired me to do china mosaics :) Love all your inspiring pieces!

sissie said...

Hi Tina!
Get outta here!!! All these wonderful finds. That clock find is the best. I love it! Lucky sister!!!!

I have been wanting one of those lampshades with the french script since I saw the one in PB, but didn't want to pay the price. I'm headin to TJ's tomorrow.

Your wreaths are so pretty and the sight in your backyard is normal fare for around here. I make the biggest messes when I am working on projects. Your wreaths are beautiful and well worth the time and effort.


My Cottage Charm said...

wow..forget my toile fabric find.....your clock and lamps are to die for! :-) I bet your sister about passed out when you told her how much you got the clock for. :) I love a great deal! I can't believe people don't think to fix things..what are they thinking?!
I'm still trying to figure out what i'm going to do with my toile and chenille...Oh and I did do a happy dance on the way to the car. :)
Have a great weekend and enjoy your extra hour of sleep. Clocks go back...woo hoo! :)

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