Thursday, October 28, 2010


Ellooooooo! So sweet of you to stop by! I hope all is happy and well in your world!

I'm sure you've seen the book wreaths that have been making the rounds here in our blogosphere. Well, I've finally gotten around to making one myself; but, with my own little spin on it ha!

BUT FIRST! let me preface that my photos are horrid! My terrible indoor light and my poor little camera was a bad bad combination. So why post? I dunno...ha!

Ok, here's the best photo I could get so far.

A close up

a futile attempt to show you the UNBELIEVABLE sparkle (with a blurred photo)

I even attempted a video to show how stunning it is...sad to say it failed miserable.

Ok, enough of my pity party. ha!

For those of you who want the nitty gritty behind the scenes stuff; read on!

I used a 10-in green styro wreath form and covered it with book pages

Ripped out tons of book pages (a romance novel from GW for $2.39)

Next, I got my handy dandy MARVY 3.5" scalloped punch

punched out loads of these

Glittered up their scallopy edges (first dipping the edges in glue and rolled them in fine German Glass Glitter glass).


I was so anxious to see how the glittered book florettes would look I totally cheated, but just a wee bit...


Ok, where was I?! oh yeah...

Here they are are drying and I'm waiting...waiting...waiting


Once they were dry I folded (without creasing them) then and glued them on the wreath form with my trusty glue gun.

Originally I made 150 glittered edged book page florettes. Oddly enough...I didn't have enough. This is as far as I got

So I glittered up another 130 florette edges and called it a night.

Next morning, it took another 50 to finish the wreath.

Not counting breaks and drying time (oh and the burnt finger tips ha!) it took about 8 hours to complete. BUT, it truly is dazzling and therefore so worth it! I will be making one with red glittery tips, one with gold tips and green! Should be on my etsy in a few days.

So what might I be doing with the remaining 80 florettes you ask. Well, I did cover up this 3.5" styro ball with some pages...

If you are thinking ornament...ummm not this time. But here's a clue: pucker up baby! sookie sookie! ha!

I will be posting a more thorough tutorial in the very near future. I just need someone to take the picture of how I folded each florette.

I'm hooking up with these fabulous hosts!

Chic on a Shoestring Decorating

Be sure to check out the other participants!

Have a wonderful weekend! Thanks for visiting! See you soon!



sissie said...

Good Morning Tina,
I'm sitting here with my coffee really enjoying looking at your fantastic wreath. I love the glittered edges, so pretty. But, wow, lots of work and burnt fingers! LOL! It was well worth it though, because it's really lovely.


Amy @MaisonDecor said...

Wow that is so pretty, I can see past the photos (they aren't that bad) that it is super sparkly and vintagey!

Patti's Artful Design said...

Tina...I love your version of the book wreath!it is just beautiful, and I know your book balls are going to be equally as beautiful! I am having a "NOEL" seashell letter giveaway....please stop by to enter!

Mare said...

I love these!!!..... I have really been wanting to try this too........ and now seeing this on your blog I'm going to do this.....
greeting from croatia:))...

mudpies and marigolds said...

The glitter edging really makes it! Great job.

~ ~ Ahrisha ~ ~ said...

Oh Yeah! Love all that Glitter! The more the merrier.
~ ~Ahrisha~ ~

Jessica @ Sunny Tuesday said...

That is the most ridiculously cute book wreath I've ever seen! And a kidding ball? Can't wait to see it!

Meyer Imports said...

Tina, I love the project and all the glitter. I did a mention of this project on our blog (everything Glittery). Hope that is ok.

mercedes said...

I love your version of this wreath! Looks like so much work... I really want to try it, but must admit, am a bit afraid. I'm notorious for not finishing projects... thank you so much for sharing! :) mercedes

Mari said...




Dragonfly Treasure said...

Loving your twist on the traditional book wreath!! Can't wait to see the next goodie!

Bella said...

How gorgeous! I just love it.

Anonymous said...

gosh it has been too long since I have been over Tina! I can't seem to catch up on everything these days and now you have me adding a gorgeous glittery wreath to my list of things I need to do!!

bee blessed

Susan said...

Dear Tina...Loved your wreath. It's absolutely stunning. Your photos are not horrible. They are actually quite lovely as they show what a beautiful thing you have created. Thanks for the tutorial. You are awesome. Hugs, Susan

David & Kelsie's Country Home said...

This is just to pretty for words...I am going to be trying this for sure.

Thnx for sharing

Honey said...

What a great take on a paper wreath! Love the glitter.

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