Saturday, March 17, 2012

Pink Saturday I'm Tardy for the Party

Greetings Pinkettes! Lovely to see you! How are you? Me? Well, I'm a bit frazzled today because I'm running so very late today! I don't understand where the time has gone.

I didn't want to miss out on the pink fun. Afterall, Beverly How Sweet the Sound, our fabulous host, has planned such a fun pinkalicious party for us!

If you haven't already, do stop by Beverly's blog and say hello.

But I'm late! I'm late...for a VERY important pink date!

So I flew out of bed...

gulped down my coffee....

quickly took a shower...

dress as fast as I could, grabbed my coat

took a quick look in the mirror...

flew out the door

hopped onto my scooter

and arrived just in time to grab a seat!

Do come sit with me and share a tete-a-tete!

As we admire the pretty St. Patrick's day centerpiece

I do hope you have enjoyed your visit! Let me know you were here, love reading your sweet thoughts!

Have a lovely, safe and warm "pink" and "green" weekend! Happy St. Patrick's Day!


Clip it!


Phyllis@Around the House said...


Joyce - Quilted Nest said...

a pink scooter - wouldn't that be fun. My hubby keeps trying to talk me into a scooter - but I haven't been interested. But a pink one would certainly make a statement around town :)

NanaDiana said...

I enjoyed every moment of that trip with you! Happy Pink Saturday & Happy St. Paddy's Day! xo Diana

Susan said...

Hi Tina....Cute cute cute. Loved it. Susan

2amscrapper said...

beautiful photos

chubskulit said...

So beautiful!

Pink slippers, hope you'd come and see. Have a blessed Sunday!

Linda Pruitt said...

Thanks for sharing your day! :)

Rita said...

Hi Tina,
i've just discovered your beautiful blog by pure serendipity and I'm so glad I have. It is so nice and cosy here I would never want to leave.
Love ALL your pink photos, but that pink scooter is soooooo cool.
Looking forward to my next visit.
have a great sunday

Ann said...

What a fun and clever post for today. The rabbit is adorable and wouldn't you love to own that coat!
Happy Pink Sat

Nancy said...

What a delightful post, Tina. Love the door, the skooter, the bedroom, the. . .well, ALL of it! And I love your mosaic creations. I checked out your Etsy store and that bird cage is fabulous. I came here from Pink Saturday and posted as Nancy @ Joyful Altitude. But I also have a new blog A Joyful Cottage For St Patrick's Day I gave a tour of a real Irish Cottage inside and out. So charming. You might like to stop by and see it. I do love your blog and am now following you. Can't wait to spend more time browsing your lovely treasures. Blessings.

Debbie@Debbie-Dabble and A Debbie-Dabble Christmas said...

Such a cute post!! Loved it!


susansspace said...

First of all, who'd ever want to leave a bed like that? (I'd be late, too!)
OMG! That pink DIET for!
ummm, I mean, to DIE for!!
Your post is so clever & creative, as always!
Have a happy week!

nancy said...

Hello Tina..
It been a while since I hopped over to see your pink Saturday. I so love the door that is so unique.. Is that on your printerest page?
I like to snagged it someday.. The glass items such as chairs and tables are different.. Have a good week.

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