Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Bird Houses Painted and Broken China Mosaics

Greeting everyone! Sweet of you to drop by! Hope your weekend was a superb one! We had lovely weather here. It's pouring today though. Good for the flora n fauna (everything has an upside...yes?)
I probably should have titled today's tasty treat as...yep, I'm a goober!! Those of you who've been with me for a bit are quite aware of this. Status quo can be such a comfort ha!
Has this scenario happen to you? I spend oodles of time thinking about a post. When I (finally) decide on one, I'm all excited and charge full speed ahead. I can't get the post up fast enough!
Anxious as I am, unfortunately the most time consuming element is getting the photos together; the lighting is off, the photo is crooked, the exposure is too light/dark, and so forth *sigh*.

Then, finally, I pull it all together, publish my post, pat myself on the back and celebrate.

Suddenly, whilst admiring my hard work, I notice something is not quite right....cue the pain ha!

Well, this post is not the one I intended. Lucky for me, I caught my faux pas before I wasted spent any energy composing it. Allow me to illustrate
A while back I posted about bird house transformation I had (thought) was finished. Was beaming with pride and couldn't wait to show it off...
I had this bird house

and transformed it to this...tah dah

I was so pleased with the result, I painted a couple more using different colors...

So there I was, all set to pull together an update about it when I noticed something was not quite right. Do you see it? Maybe you saw it straight away...maybe i'm too pedantic or not very observant ha.
I notice that there are door frames but the door itself isn't really defined. So I quickly popped the photo into the paint program to mock it up to see if I should paint the doors white. While I'm doing that, I notice something else is not right; I neglected to finish painting the chimney on both the green and pink ones...bugga

From completed to not so much ha! Now I have to add them back to the "must finish" list along with these:

and of course, these are (still) waiting for attention

Three of them are still wrapped in brown paper. Two steps forward, three steps back! lol!
Now I'm off to finish them once and for all! Cross your fingers for me!
Thanks so much for stopping by and letting me vent a bit! I hope you have enjoyed your visit and do feel free to vent as well, or just leave me a quick hello so I know you were here!

Have a lovely, safe and warm week! Be well!


Clip it!
UPDATE: Susan @ Writing Straight From The Heart just posted this very said and important post about one of our fellow bloggers. Please click here to view
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Susan said...

Ohhhhh, talented Tina! I love, love, love the pastel birdie houses. They are SO elegant and beautiful.

Wow, you are truly an artist. The mosaic one is gor-ge-ous, too.

You are AMAZING! Susan

NanaDiana said...

Tina- Those birdhouses are just phenomenal! GORGEOUS! And, yes, I have had something completed and thought it was perfect only to discover that I had missed something important. Guess what? Your white chimneys would never have been noticed by me!

Off to check out the blog you mentioned. xo Diana

Susan said...

p.s. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting, Tina. Also, for spreading the word of the tragic circumstance. Have a blessed and peaceful day. Susan

susansspace said...

Oh my! So pretty! I have to confess that the pastel birdhouses looked perfectly fine to me as they were. I couldn't see anything amiss until you pointed it out. S: )
The mosaic birdhouse is gorgeous! Every piece of china looks to be such a nice fit with the pieces around it.
I'm inspired to get back to work!
Blessings, Susan

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