Thursday, May 28, 2009

With Age Comes Wisdom...No?

Happy Thursday!

I hope the day has been kind to everyone!

The good news first…I’m happy to report I’ve got my blog up and running! Hurrah! It only took an eternity to figure out the html (thank you Google!). It's lookin fairly close to what I envisioned, so I’m STILL tweaking!

Now, the bad news….feeling fairly competent due to my semi-accomplishment, I figured it would be best to create my “How To” blog straight away. Well, the “starter template” that I used for this one was m.i.a, so I picked another and….oh helloooooo the code is entirely different (I switched to several others; all of em coded the same way) Bye-bye competence, back to stupid lol! The older I get, the stupider I get.

I now know exactly how the Scarecrow felt in the Wizard of Oz….”if I only had a brain!” I had a brain once, at least I’m fairly certain I did. What has become of it, I dunno :-p

I realize that some of you are thinking, “why not commission one of the many talented people to do it for her?” That’s a kinda complicated question, which I will answer in short. I’m not cheap; I’m just very….pedantic (a much kinder word than anal, no?) I spent many hours creating my logo, banner, buttons, separators, etc. I own the intellectual property outright.

The first broken china mosaic tip was posted on 5/27. It’s my favorite tip! If you are self-taught, like me, you don’t go to classes, you buy a book. Well the book I purchased only offered the difference between the “direct” and the “indirect” methods; and, my particular favorite…“make sure your tiles are all the same height.” Yes, this was a book about all about how to Mosaic with a chapter in “Pique Assiette”. Lol! So, as in most things, I figured it out for myself, and now I want share my tips with you :)

This first mosaic tip post will stay here for about a week or so, then I will move it over to my “how to” blog. All future tips will be posted directly into my Mosaic Tips and Trick blog.

The link is

That’s it for today!


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