Saturday, May 30, 2009

Happy Friday!!

First, I want to thank everyone for the wonderful response I've had to my blog! I really enjoyed reading your emails and I very much appreciate your warm welcome and kind compliments! Blowing kiss to each one!!

My second post in my How To's blog is posted. I cover how to create vintage china tiles and focals; there is also some extra stuff that will help you get setup before you start nipping and of course, there are loads of pictures. It's a wee bit long, so I'm thinking I probably should have split it into 3 separate posts...would'a should'a could'a! lol

I keep the link in the left colum of this blog, <----over there, or you can click right here

I also keep a link to my photos in flickr. The link is also posted <---over there...and here

If any of you out there want to share any pics of your shabby pieces, stories about your mosaic experiences or helpful hints, please feel free to email me. I'd be more than happy to share it with everyone.

Oh! one last might notice that most of the How To pics show me performing the various tasks with one hand, I needed one to show the the nipper placement and one to take the pic! lol Not easy! There is one photo where both my hands are shown, my brother stopped in and only stayed long enough to take the one photo! He is such a brat lol!

This weekend I'm going to try and finish up a couple of project, the pics are in flickr under "work in progress." Whatcha up to this weekend?

Whatever it may be, I hope you have a lovely, safe, happy weekend!



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